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When there is an exercise to throw punches such as "2000 punches throughout the day" only straight blows are thrown or you can throw any type of blow such as hooks and uppercuts? Are combos and footwork also valid?


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Hello @lynx,
If you're talking about one of the active rest days in the Fighter's codex, well, it's really up to you. Sticking to straight jabs/crosses is a perfectly valid option, but hooks and uppercuts may also count if you feel the need to include them. If you throw combos, then count each punch separately.

Footwork is completely optional here, but if it"s a way for you to make the exercise more engaging/realistic, by all means, go for it. Just remember these days are rest days in disguise and make sure you still have some energy left in the tank once you're done. Some other days of the Codex can be pretty brutal and should be tackled when you're as fresh as possible. ;)

I hope this helps!