Question about long run in marathon training


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is there anyone Who succesfully complete the new marathon program?
I’m following that program right now and i was wondering if 26 km for the longest run isn’t too short (for e camole in the old program the longest run was 3 hours).


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I am also preparing for a marathon, and planning to modify this program with some advice from other runners. I have heard that i should keep in mind the 30km platoe, so i am planning to include longer runs a few weeks before the marathon.


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It is not the same as the program on this website but my dad used to run long distance professionally. When I expressed interest in running one this is the plan he gave me (my fitness level was running 3 one hour runs per week averaging~7.5 miles per run):
Monday 4 miles
Tuesday 8 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Thursday 8 Miles
Friday 4 miles
Saturday 12 miles.
Sunday off
Then the next week you add 1 mile to Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. The week after you add a mile to every running day. And so on. I think I got up to around 18 miles so I suppose this would be somewhere around 6 weeks before your Marathon date. The 2 weeks before your marathon you naturally back things off quite a bit and don't run more than 10 miles one week before your marathon and the week of you don't run probably more than five or six any day and hardly at all the day before. Sorry this is a bit vague but that's what I remember from about 7 years ago. This is all dependent on your running ability being high enough to manage the 12 mile first week. Naturally if you can't run as far you'll start your training progression a lot lower and weeks sooner.