Removed challenges?


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I've not been on here for a while, but when I was I made a spreadsheet of the various programs and challenges on here at the time. Since then lots of new programs and challenges have been added, but a load of challenges also seem to have been removed?

Does anybody know what's happened to them? Some may have been slightly renamed, but I'm quite sure others are gone entirely. Examples are:

15 days of fitness, 30 days of fitness, office friendly posture, endurance, multiplank, water, 20000 high knees, 10000 halfjacks, batcave, upperbody+...

All in all I've got 39 in my old list that I can't find now.

If anybody can help, thanks!


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Programs, workouts and challenges have been updated, changed and some have been eliminated, you can still find some traces by searching on the internet :)