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hello, i sprained my shoulder about 2 months ago and am looking for ways to rehab it on my own. my friends at the gym told me to get resistance bands not only to strengthen my shoulder but also to warm up with them before i train. does anyone have any recommendations on certain bands or if handles are better than the ones that are just a loop?

Ratio Tile

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I bought mine online and the one advice I can give is don't buy online, unless you know the exact length you're comfortable with.

I have a set of different lengths, but even the longest is too short for some exercises, e.g. when you step on the middle of the band and do curls.

So I advise trying them out at the local store and finding the correct length for your height.

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I agree with Ratio Tile, I buy exercise equipment from local shops to see and feel. Don't buy online cause even if they have good reviews, you need to see how the stretch works for you so the best advice is to see a product you like and search if a local shop in your town has it in their catalog.


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I tried the ones with handles and I found them good, there are usually sets with different levels of resistance and it's easy to hook more than one to increase the load.
They can also be found online, they have everything you need, they are cheap and you can do a lot of exercises.
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