Swimming goes down the Drain but a new window open's


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While i was out walking during my lunch break after i found out that the swimming pool nearby doesnt takes new enrollments due to capacity issues, in one of the convenience store's around found my self a boxing bag for like 2-3 U.S dollars worth of money roflmao.
it also came with a hook so think im gonna buy an apparatus to hang it in my living room.
Might do some punches early in the morning might be a good idea to warm my body up before the cold shower
Used to throw some punches and kicks in heroes Journey program back in 2016. Would be good to start back.

So what i'm looking for is some good recommandation's from Darebee Challenge/programs/workout's that i could do with this beauty.
İ know its a bit small and probably not too durable but should do me some good considering the price tag its coming at ^^
P.S: you can also see a bit of my messy work desk :watch:


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