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September 30th, 2022

100 Side Leg Raises + Extra Credit (DD 1440)
Everybody, stay safe and healthy, and have a fantastic day!!!


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28.09.2022 [60 Seconds Superwoman Hold] - done with EC.
29.09.2022 [30 Scorpion Twists] - done with EC.
30.09.2022 [100 Side Leg Raises] - done with EC.
01.10.2022 [2 Minutes Punches] - done with EC.
02.10.2022 [40 Scissors] - done with EC.
03.10.2022 [60 Seconds Elbow Plank Raised Arm Hold] - done with EC.

Have a nice day bees!


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"Back again…let’s all keep this going!"

lol,I just did today 8Oct heel click things, but lost control about 20 in and did extra hops or two. So, kind of 2 sets of 20…

also, Wed 6Oct did those 80 back leg raise things, 40 per side non stop

2 for the year! Good to see many of you here from when I was active in 2020. :u:

Go Bees GO!