Wanna Be The Best Like No One Ever Was? (Pokémon Nuzlocke Challenge)


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Y'all like Pokémon? Y'all like challenges? You might even like working out?

I had an idea as I sat down to start a new Nuzlocke run on how to incorporate working out with the game.

So let's start with simplicity! What’s a Nuzlocke?

A Nuzlocke is a challenge you do when you play Pokémon to make it a little harder.
It's always these main rules:

  1. You must catch the first Pokémon you see whenever you enter a new area
  2. If your Pokémon faints in battle, its dead and you can’t use it anymore (you can put it in a dead box or release it)
  3. You must nickname your Pokémon so you can grow attached to it.

Depending on the Pokémon game you choose, it can be easy or super hard. And you can add and remove rules to make it easier or harder as you go. You use these rules until you beat the champion/game. (For easier games, I recommend Fire Red/Leaf Green, ORAS, or X&Y)

This is for anyone who wants to do something extra on the side and a little personal challenge. This is definitely a mental and physical workout. (Nuzlockes can be wild)
*Please adjust the rules or workouts as you need as to not hurt yourself or over do it. Feel free to add your own rules as well.

Rules for the Nuzlocke:

  1. You must catch the first Pokémon you see whenever you enter a new area. If you fail to catch it or kill it you can’t get a Pokémon from that area.
  2. If a Pokémon faints it's dead and you can’t use it anymore
  3. You must nickname your Pokémon to grow attached to it

  4. (Optional) Dupes Clause: if you go into a new area and the first Pokémon you see is one you caught before and have, you can retry as necessary.

  5. (Optional) Shiny Clause: On the off-hand you manage to find a shiny Pokémon, you can disregard the rules and catch it simply to have or use in your run.

  6. (Optional) Fossils, Gift eggs/Pokémon, legendries, are allowed if you want.

  7. (Optional) Gyms are checkpoints! Instead of losing your game you can go back to the last saved gym. (careful how you save your game everyone)

  8. (Optional) If you black/white out you can either choose to continue with any Pokémon left in your box, go back to your last checkpoint if you do #7 or you can start over the challenge.

Workout Additions: Extra Credit is totally up to you if you want the challenge. They're optional. **(You can replace any workout with one of your choice.)
  1. (EC) For every 3/5/7 Pokémon that die/faint, how do you respond? (Pick a workout relative to your choice. You can change it up if you want)
  • Run away in grief? (Cardio, running, walking, etc.)
  • Fall to the ground in shame? (Planks, push-ups, burpees, etc.)
  • Or bury the fallen? (Strength, upper body, weights, pull-ups, etc.)
  1. For every Gym badge you earn/beat you should celebrate!!
  2. (EC) For every new town you visit, walk for 5/10/15 minutes with your Pokémon.

  3. (EC for power built) If you got swiped/blacked out and lost your team, it’s time to power up and get serious…Or mourn and then get Serious

  4. If you’re fighting a Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Skull Leader, kick their butts or knock 'em out! (Punch, kick, or do both to failure.)

  5. Caught a legendary Pokémon? You're getting powerful by the second!

  6. For every Elite Four member you beat, take some deep breaths and soothe your nerves.

  7. You beat the game and the champion! Give yourself a treat and bask in your awesomeness.

This is simply for fun, an experiment, and completely optional for anyone who likes these kinds of challenges and wants to mix it with a video game. I’ve played a couple Nuzlockes before so if anyone has questions and/or wants to log their progress here, feel free to ask and chat. If I wanted I might make a new thread for those who want to do this but playing the game casually. Feel free to just chat about your favorite Pokémon, Pokémon games, characters, etc.