Where to start when you are sedentary?


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Hi guys,
I’ve never really had a workout routine that lasted over 3 weeks. It might have lasted longer but never applied serious and tenacious regiment.

I don’t move much. Recently purchased a year pass at my local gym. Currently focusing on 30 minutes cardio. I come out all sweaty and I love the feeling. The next step for me would be muscular workouts. I have a bad posture so I would like to build some strength for my back. I think the core muscles take care of this right?

Is there a workout plan you would suggest from this website to get me started and how much more temps or weight should I add to keep the results going up?

I appreciate all of your help and thank you!


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Darebee's basic program is: Foundation.
There is everything you need to get started and to familiarize yourself with the training method of Darebee.
Or you can choose from the many programs available but you have to choose the one that inspires you and you like, the filters are useful to already select the programs that interest you: Programs Filter.
It's better to start from a program because they are already well structured workouts, you just need to follow them and you're good to go, choosing individual workouts to get you a tailored workout is more complicated.
For the back and abs there is: Back And Core.
If you want to know your level try: Fitness Test.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, there will always be someone here to answer you :)