You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment


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I grew up in the North of England fairly poor, meat was a luxury and meals didn't have much so emigrating to Canada at age 20 was a bit of a shock seeing how much people were stuffing down their necks. I've experimented with being vegetarian but for me it's the middle way, kind of like both Worlds.


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I think that key in switching to veganism is really think about having enough proteins, it is not hard, but requires getting used to remwmbering to add beens, lentins etc on the daily basis. I think we do not need meat -we need proteins :)
Happily vegan for 13 years and vegetarian for 28 (more or less)


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I watched this 4 episodes serie...

First I want to tell that I'm not closed to any diet, any food any way people can live and be happy. I don't close any door and I open any.
I don't want to open a debate about any diet choice...

But I think that in this serie they push way to much on the way "meat is wrong for health and the earth" when they should say "the global industries are wrong for health and earth". Why did they not show the enormous field of grains that are sprayed with chemicals all way long? The intensive veggies industry also is wrong for the earth and nature...

I'm convinced that more veggies are good and limiting my meat intake was very positive for me!

But I'm convinced that meat can be consumed in smaller quantities that makes me able to choose better quality meat from farms, direct production and not from big groceries, industries. I raise my own chicken, eat their eggs because I know the food I give them.
I'm also convinced that it's the same for vegetables. What is better then a salad direct form my green garden? Or some good fruits, veggies from the local farmer shop? Do I feel better if I eat some very cheap tomatoes sprayed with chemicals to grow faster, bigger and travelled 4000km to be in my basket? Nope...

I kind of like the conclusion of the serie because it shows that nothing is perfect and that the best is to adapt your diet depending on you and nothing else.

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@thinman wish you health all over man
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