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    • bbybear712
      bbybear712 reacted to Damer's post in the thread AMA March 2023 with Like Like.
      Depression is a mountain to overcome, not least because it is a complex psychophysical issue that requires patience and persistence, two...
    • bbybear712
      bbybear712 replied to the thread AMA March 2023.
      Hey Damer! I have a question. I obviouslybused to be really active here but depression was a bitch and took away a lot from me. Even...
    • bbybear712
      bbybear712 reacted to J_o_h_n's post in the thread Print A T-Shirt Page Re-Added with Like Like.
      Last year as a birthday present to myself, I had a Yeti bottle customized with the darebee logo (and made a darebee fund donation at the...
    • bbybear712
      bbybear712 replied to the thread February Releases.
      I cannot tell you how much I needed unbound. I'm doing my best to get my health back and physical activity has been a struggle. The easy...
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