6 Day Split: Project Rebirth

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So this routine is unique for 3 reasons. First is that its the first of my hypertrophy routines that is listed as a 6 day routine (Titan and Warrior have optional 6 days, PPL is geared towards strength). Second is the utilization of 5x5 principles, a common technique used by bodybuilders and powerlifters alike. And third is the utilization of tri-sets where you take 3 exercises and do them one after the other without rest between them. The advantage of such sets are that you get the chance to hit muscles from several directions and several functions while keeping your gym time short and succinct. In a way you'd be doing 11 different exercises summed up in 12 sets.
If you happen to try this out I recommend doing this for 3 weeks. No pun intended.

-Barbell Bench Press (5 sets of 5)
-TRI SET: Incline Dumbbell Press + Alternating Dumbbell Press + Crossover Push-ups (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Dumbbell Pull-over + Svend Press + 3D Crossover (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Low Cable Fly + Cable Crossover + Iron Cross (2 sets of 10)
-Chest Dips AMRAP

-Barbell Squat (5 sets of 5)
-TRI SET: Goblet Squat + Side Lunges + Pull-Through (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Dumbbell Step-ups + Bridge Curl + Floor Slides (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Bulgarian Split Squats + Single Leg Deadlift + Jane Fonda (2 sets of 10 per side)
-Walking Lunges AMRAP
-SUPER SET: Seated Calf Raises + Single Calf Raises (1 set of 50 per side)

-Weighted Pull-ups (5 sets of 5)
-TRI SET: T-Bar Row + Renegade Rows + Shotgun Row (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Wide grip Pull-down + Parallel grip Pull-down + One Arm Pull-down (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Seated Cable Row + Wide grip Cable Row + Underhand Cable Row (2 sets of 10)
-Supermans AMRAP

-Military Press (5 sets of 5)
-TRI SET: Superman Press + Front Raises + Plate Raises (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Victory Press + Alternating Lateral Raise + Light Lateral Raises (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Dumbbell High Pull + Cable Shrugs + Cable W Raises (2 sets of 10)
-Face-pull AMRAP

-Close Grip Dumbbell Press (3 sets of 6-8)
-Preacher Curl (3 sets of 6-8)
-TRI-SET: Dumbbell Skull Crusher + Dumbbell Kickback + Reverse Push-down (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Dumbbell Spider Curl + Dumbbell Incline Curl + Dumbbell Reverse Curl (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Wrist Curl + Wrist Extension + Grip Crushes (2 sets of 10)

-Landmine 180 (5 sets of 5 per side)
-TRI SET: Hanging Leg Raises + Cable Chops + Rope Crunch (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Hollow Rocks + Levitation Crunch + Oak Tree Step-outs (2 sets of 10)
-TRI SET: Black Widow Knee Slides + Tornado Chops + Physio Ball Crunch (2 sets of 10)
-Banded Punches AMRAP