A New Beginning

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This is a new format of The Hive and there is a whole lot of new functionality that comes with it that allows us to communicate with each other in more subtle, complex ways, keep track of posts and threads that matter to us, share more information that's important and, also, keep in touch with each other. A lot of this you will find out yourselves, as you use this new Hive so this is not the reason I am posting this. The reason I am posting it is because it's become apparent that many of you have used this change as an opportunity to explore a new direction in your training, to start logs that have a different feel and to find new ways to motivate yourselves and to support others. I think this is great but seeing how we are not likely to change this new Hive any time soon I wanted to add that The Hive is our place, it belongs to all of us and it is our safe harbor. We should always feel able to change direction, retire a log, start a new one or change the way we exercise and share what we do whenever we feel like it.

Now, this is easier said than done. Our actions define who we are. That definition becomes the thing that attracts those we interact with and then, because we are truly social animals, we come to be defined by the expectations of those around us. This also traps us as we feel that any change will invite judgement and may jeopardize the connections we have made. This is a dynamic that's at work both online and offline. Judgement and acceptance. the application of the first and the withdrawal of the second, are the two things that 'keep us in line'. The Hive has always been judgement-free and it is always welcoming and accepting. But this is easy to forget because everything else around us is so different from the culture we've all created here.

This articulation of it then, and this iteration is a useful reminder. I grew up in reading X-Men (amongst other comics) and their motto paraphrased a tiny bit said: "We merely seek a person's worth not the accident of their condition" in The Hive none of us are a single thread or a log. We all evolve for reasons of our own. In here we should feel free to do so. If you do and choose to share the reasons why, awesome, but you don't have to. This is truly your space and you should all feel at home here. Especially since we don't plan on any big changes like this one has been, to happen again any time soon. :LOL:
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