Absolute beginner, a little confused about Levels and how to advance?


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Hi all, I'm starting the Square One: Strength & Tone program and I'm definitely Level 1.
I get that I do the exercises the number of times indicated, and for Level 1 (in my case) do 3 sets of them.
But--do I go through the whole 30-day program at Level 1, then do the whole thing again at Level 2? So I'll be at 90 days when I finish Level 3, doing 7 sets?

Then what do I do? Pick another program?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.


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Greetings and welcome! :hi:
Well, you can do that if you like... I'd suggest that once you've gone through a programme at whatever level you've chosen, you choose a different programme to keep things interesting. If you really like a programme and want to do it again at a higher level, feel free to do that too. Do you have any particular aims? That can help with the selection of programmes, or workouts if you'd rather just do them. Take things easily, go as slowly as you need but try to maintain a good pace. If you need to adapt any exercise to make it something you can do, then do so - nobody's going to tell you off! Nothing here is written in concrete. If you can't do something, that's fine. Maybe later when that exercise comes around again, you might be able to. Just do the best you can do right now. Most importantly, have fun. :) And let us know if you have any other questions.


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Listen to your body and feel how you are and measure the effort based on that.
It may happen that you start a program at level I of difficulty and then you raise it because it becomes easier for you to train or maybe you only succeed in a few days.
It is a good thing to follow a program because it allows you to follow a good, well-structured and growing workout, you just follow it and you don't have to think about anything else.
And when you feel more at ease, as I told you before, you can dose the effort by raising or lowering the level of difficulty or you can add one of the challenges.
You made a good choice, in my opinion of course, starting from a program, see how it goes, how you are and if you want to do it again at the end of 30 days or try another one, experiment a little, each of us has his own taste :)
And welcome :worried: