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Mental Health and Nutritional Info overload:

This isn't a question, more of a personal observation that may help others.

I've been struggling to get my body down to a certain weight for years. It's so ingrained, I think about it without actively focussing on it! Like it's the hidden reason behind so many of my choices around lifestyle.

I recently went Keto for reasons other than weight loss though, and discovered just how stupid-simple health can be.

Nutritional info is all over the place. Every year there's a new food that's good/bad for us. You'll find just as many articles online telling you how healthy water is vs. too much water will kill you.

I've been reading this stuff for seven years, falling from one idea to the next. Stressing about fat and calories and carbs and what what. Fat will make you fat, carbs will make you fat, calories will make you fat. To fast or not to fast?

It never occured to me that, hell, maybe it's all my stressing about food choices that's keeping me overweight. Hello cortisol! The more you freak out about weight, the harder it'll be to lose. Duh.

I'm not advocating any specific diet, keto just so happens to work better for me than anything else did so far. But something it taught me is that health doesn't need to be complicated. It can be as simple as meat, eggs, vegetables and healthy fats.

Stupid-simple, in fact.

It's simple (not easy, in the beginning). If it came from nature and it works with your body, eat it.

If it came from man - it's typically best to avoid it. Stick to stuff with less than 5 ingredients, and make sure you can actually recognize what they are.

Eating more healthy food will eventually make you crave healthy food.

And look (or try to) at the bigger picture of health, rather than just focusing on weight. We are more than fat, bone, and muscle.

Since I've been geared into weight loss for so many years, it's a struggle, but I'm trying to shift my thinking into another direction, such as:

Exercising for bone health or balance in old age, rather than aesthetics. And mental health! Yoga has taught me just how much exercise can improve mental health.

Or, doing keto because I like the calm, stable feeling it gives me, and the fact that I'm not hungry ALL. THE. TIME. anymore.

Or (gasp!) because I actually want to care for my body, for myself, and not just change me.

Imagine that... that health could be easier when it's born from a place of self-love rather than a place of self-loathing.


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I had a turning point, both mentally and physically, when I started thinking about a healthy, pleasant and wholesome way of eating, basically there is no need for a diet if you eat well and if you like what you eat and it's good.
A diet is an extreme measure that lasts a short time and then makes you go back to what you preferred. Instead, matching what is healthy to eat with what you like to eat is a much better way of making peace with food and feeling better.
Having made peace with nutrition, I then made peace with physical exercise, trying to do exercises that I like as well as giving physical results.
I'm not finished yet, far from it, it's always a balance in progress but changing the perspective helps a lot.
Being Fit and Looking Fit I found it enlightening :)