BREAKING UPDATE: 15K squats needed to save planet!


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"Once more, once more."
As we pass the one thirds of the way mark the scientists ongoing research has promising results!
Outer Space Animation GIF by Cat Chmaj

As the rotations have in fact accelerated and accounting for the fact that @Mianevem is apparently the only female participating they can infer that the male squats have contributed with equal effect.

By the way I'm pretty sure she could beat up Wonderwoman with the amount of workouts she does.

And sometimes it seems @DahMagicMan and @sg135 are more than human.

But I digress. Research indicates that any LUNGES and BURPEES count too as of the 14th of February!
Don't go out of your way to add them. I know, both are rough. But if you are adding to your lower body with them already go ahead and count them.