BREAKING UPDATE: 15K squats needed to save planet!


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Earth's orbit has been restored and stabilized safely in the Goldilocks zone after a successful operation of the Darebee community.
A massive corn and dairy coated interstellar object some have called the Doomcheeto was broken up and the planet push-upped back into it's proper path.

After further study the planetary physics department within the community has detected that as a side effect a significant slowing of the rotational period has occurred.
The need for a spin rate correction is required ASAP!
A longer day will result in climatological disaster as temperature extremes precipitate a mass extinction event.
Climate Change Earth GIF

Fortunately a 1978 report by British astrophysicist Sir Brian Harold May CBE with assistance of F. Mercury, R. Taylor, and J. Deacon postulated that posterior mass significantly contributes to celestial body rotation.

Yes you heard correctly tush cushion may be our only hope!
Calculations show that 15,000 squats will add just enough booty bulk to save us all from certain doom.

We need YOU to start squatting now!!!

Research indicates that any LUNGES and BURPEES count too as of the 14th of February!
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Stupid DOOMCHEETO! 🤬 (waves fist at Earth's new orange powder ring)
100 regular squats
=14,415 left