Few newbie questions?


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I'm pretty new to working with dumbbells at home and gaining a routine, previously casual runner, volleyball, parkour etc. So I gain some muscle memory thru the life.

So besides little introduction. I started ironborn 2 weeks ago, so far 10 out of 14 days are checked. Started with 7.5kg, but some excersises feels a little too light, some a little to heavy so I adjust weight (like for shrugs a d calves 15kg per arm, for butterfly extension 6kg is max, for farmer walk I'm adding shrugs every step and do it slowly.

So to the questions:
1. Can I add more excersises to the workout (Like pushups every second day or some grip strength training) ?
2. If Im sure that I can do more sets in excersise or more reps,.should I do it ?
3. I'm eating around 120-130grams of protein a day, 2500 kcal, my daily need is about 2800, but I'm having some fat for 84kg &180cm height, 24yo. Also have fatty liver, so I'm only using protein powder when I'm below 1.5g per kg of body mass. So it should be good? Lost 1kg after 2 weeks so I guess 0.5kg a week is quiet normal?
4. It is better to do ironborn everyday or just rest when I'm feeling like it?
5. Also was thinking about adding hiit before weightlifting but not sure if it's good idea

Thank you in advance for all the answers!
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Hello Chonilo,

I can answer a few of your questions, not sure about no. 3 and 5

1. you can definitely add to your workout whatever you need and feel that you can do without harming your muscles, for example I am currently doing 4 programs at the same time, (30 days of Gravity/Back & Core/Arms of steel/Total Abs) on some days I do 3 of them other days I add others depending on how I feel that my body can handle without pulling any muscles or injuries

2. I usually follow the level guide lines for each excise but I noticed that in some I am a level 2 and others a level 3 depending on the exercise, If I am sure that I can do more without hurting my self I do more! each body handles each exercise differently, listen to your body no one knows it better than you do!

4. You can do it everyday but if you feel that you need a rest take it, my advice is even on your rest day do some other type of low intensity workout, something light on your body that will at least move you a little bit on your rest days so you keep the momentum going for the next day, I myself noticed that complete rest days tend to drag sometimes and make coming back to workout the next day a bit more challenging than it was, I personally try to do some archery or swimming if I don't feel like working out at all, but there is a variety of programs here that you can utilize for such days, the yoga program is also a good relaxing program for resting days as well.

like I said I'm not sure about answering questions 3 and 5 but I am sure an experienced bee will be happy to answer them soon!


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@Chonilo you should not add any HIIT training until after you finish the Ironborn program and you should follow its daily structure. Before release programs are extensively tested by volunteers and it can take up to 12 months to get one ready. They're designed to give you built-in active rest days. So, anything you add to them will compromise the structure of the program and also run the risk of overtiring you which will then not give you the results you hope for.


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I didnt know that, do im thankful to you for explaining me how programs are realease.
I was having some concern about adding anything like pushups to routine or some other excersises

@Nitrous828 i'm also cery thankful to your answer and in-built courage for ma on this! Will take your advices and reconsider them cause IT was very helpfull
Listen to yoir body i guess is the most important thing i van do for myslef when training

After next few days od training i knows how much my core is lacking to other part od muscles, pretty waek especially when doing one leg dead.