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How can I focus more when doing workouts?
Here are some things that have helped me:
Having a basic schedule: Working out three days a week for example. For me, doing something daily has helped get into a cadence of fitness. May be biking one day but lifting weights next.

Set manageable goals: I’m going to exercise each day for 10 minutes on my lunch break. Just getting small rhythms and victories in helps me focus on larger goals.

Pick a time that will help you focus. If you’re more fresh in the morning, then try that.


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Hello dear! Are you new to working out? Because if you're diving into lengthier, more intensive workouts as a beginner, it's gonna be super hard to focus.


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For me it’s not planning ahead in my workouts. However, I got a little better. I do however need to remember which move is which when I do hook, cross, jab, uppercut, and so on.