How I gained 24lbs in 3 - 4 months


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Nowadays I wouldn't do this, gaining weight then you have to maintain it. This is just something I did . . .

Back in 2004 I did a plan of 9 compound exercise, a whole body routine. Each time I did this routine I added 5lb to me lifts with two 2.5 BB plates, no matter what. The first exercise was 20 rep BB squat, I started with 110lbs and ending with doing the same 20 rep squats with 230lb.

I bought 3.25% milk and drank 8L a week, a cup with meals and a cup between. I had a hard time gaining weight no matter what I ate just hovered around 150lbs, real soon I was 160lb and kept going til I was 174lbs and very strong, my bench went from 85lbs to 160.

This was an old school method that did work. My workouts go so intense I only did it 3 times every 2 weeks, doing more I wouldn't recover to add that extra 5lbs to BB.

Think I'm 166lbs in this photo which I maintained for a year.


I worked doing landscaping and maintained 166lbs for a year then got a job for a building company as a labourer. That summer was very hot and humid at 50 ° C and over a two week period lost that bulk and came back down to my normal weight of 150lb, just couldn't eat in that heat. I drank much less milk after that.
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