I’m 14 and 275 I want to lose weight what to do?


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I’m 14 I weight 275 pounds and 5’11 I’m very active and athletic I could do flips and other things I’m doing these workouts to improve my self after I been bullied cyber bullied and harassed in person and on social media I do wrestling and almost won state but every time I try something it seem like I can’t stop the weight I have I want to drop to 200 by the end of the year anyone have any workouts or suggestions that will help me lost the weight


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Welcome to Darebee.

As you stated your goal to lose fat and strengthen your core.

You need to look for cardio programs with subtitle "High burn & streamline" and add-on programs with title core or abs
Do not forget to start filter by difficulty 1 and so on.

For example you can start with Baseline program and "Back And Core" program.

Note add-on programs are designed in away will not affect other programs you are doing

Hope this help!


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Hi Tayvion. Welcome to Darebee.

We hope that your dream of losing weight, getting in shape and adding fitness to your life agenda goes well.

For my part, and @Shaarawi gave you the main steps to follow, it is that you start by visiting the hive from time to time.

You have a little bit of everything at your disposal to climb the mountain (from the bottom to the top) in your search for the healthy and fit body you want.

Try spending days without stopping training with light exercises.

Also, try taking the fitness test when you've been training for a while.

Currently, and with your physical condition (for every beginner) the required level of sets per exercise is 3 (Level 1).

Set the alarm on your watch to train, and don't let anything or anyone bother you during the session.

Good luck in this Olympic year.
We are here for whatever you need.