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I am a beginner, and I am currently working on myself to lose weight (get down to 75 kg for 1.80 m) as I am currently around 90 kg. My goal is to eat healthier and in smaller quantities over the long term. Also, I am currently following the following routine:

I do the workout of the day suggested by Darebee every day, or at least every 2 days. With breaks of 2 days every week to let my body rest. I often do the first level of each exercise (3 sets) because I don't have the level to do more yet.

My question is: Will what I am doing be enough and go in the right direction? Should I choose a program and stick to it, or is it enough, and will I get the results I want? Or maybe I have to do more?

I thank you for your help, which will be invaluable to me 😃


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Welcome to the Hive @Valodes
Looks like you're on a good path there. Eating healthy and less is essential for your planned weight-loss. Try to balance your macros (protein, carbs, fats). There is a ton of nutritional information in the Guides section.
To be honest, it's hard to judge someones situation from afar. So some generic tips:
Try to find a sustainable schedule for your workouts. (IMHO: Motivation will only take you so far and tends to run out at times. A routine is a big help maintaining discipline.) Steady as she goes. Seems you found that out for yourself anyway.
Do not overdo things. Muscles grow quite fast esp. when you are male and young. Your tendons, joints and ligaments have to get the news as well and they are slower in the uptake. Also, no use in doing record-breaking workouts and then not be able to move for two days.
If you want to do workouts or programs is mostly a matter of gusto. Each has its advantages. Since you cannot guess in advance what the next workout of the day might be and you do not seem to be ready to take on everything this website throws at you, I'd suggest you look at the programs. They are tried and tested and the best way to get stared with this way of training.
There is a handy filter to help you decide what is appropriate for you. The programs have a ramp, meaning they get harder towards the end. They also have built-in rest-days, so you can do consecutive days. If you want. There is no 'must' here, other than what you think you must or must not do. E.g I do not work-out on weekends. Period. If you feel you need a day off, go ahead and insert a rest day (or 2). Pick up where you left off. Do not jump days.
If you feel underwhelmed there are usually 2 choices. Add stuff, like a daily challenge, the Exercise of the Day (aka Daily Dare) or an addon-program. Or quit and start a new, harder program. No use in doing things that aren't fun.

If you are happy with what you find here, show some love to the bee-keepers, who keep this wonderful project running.

Good luck and all the best.
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Hello and welcome to the Hive.
It is good that you try to have a healthy diet, a translated in English post about exercise and diet is here
Also I thing, it is good idea to do a program if you do it to the end, else you can do 3 workouts per week. You can select it from the database depending your fitness level.
Try to be active, also you can walk 15-20' per day.
Edit: There is also a translated in English post about weight lifting, it may be useful
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If you are consistent you will see results over the long term for sure. I am currently at 100+ days of doing Darebee after a long break (several years) and I have noticed some pretty significant changes and I am literally doing the absolute bare minimum at level 1 for most of my workouts. It's a marathon, not a sprint and it sounds like you are on the right track so stick with it. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!!!