Outrider workout description


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Outrider is a workout that uses a combination of both dynamic and static exercises to raise your body temperature and improve your fitness level.
I see only dynamic exercises.


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The Squat hold is a static part.
Shoulder taps are in fact a harder kind of plank, with a one arm hold.


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It's squat hold punches so I interpret it as dynamic.
The punch part is dynamic, the squat hold isn't.

That way the first three exercises are
for squats: dynamic -static- dynamic.
Exercise 4-6 are the same for push-ups. The punches and taps keep everything interesting.


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But that means that the exercise is dynamic in my opinion.
I think it's both at the same time. Because the squat hold has the benefits of a static exercise on the legs, and the punches a dynamic effect on the upper body.
Same for the shoulder taps.

So the description is, I think, very accurate, that it's a combination of dynamic and static.