Progress Tracking bugged?


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Hi there,

I am experiencing an issue where my progress on (in this case) a challenge is not being saved. I have just completed day 20 of the 1 Minute Yoga challenge, but the past few days, no matter how often I tick the 'completed' boxes, the page keeps resetting to day 13 as the last day that was completed. I am using the the same computer every day. Any ideas?


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It works OK on our end. IS anyone else having this issue? Tested on Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

The progress tracking is stored in your browser cookies. It's possible there is an issue there (happens when browsers update). Have you tried clearing the cookies for the DAREBEE website? Note: this will remove all of the tracking you've recorded so note it somewhere.


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I have encountered the opposite problem: I completed a challenge, closed the tab, and opened a new challenge in a new tab. This new challenge had all the days already checked off, like the previous completed challenge. I only use a phone for this.
It's not a major issue, I just de-clicked all the days, but just wanted to mention it.
I had the same with a program, but I had already completed that program a month ago so I thought it was linked to it.


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I have a different tracking problem. I am working on a couple of challenges, and tracking for Arms & Abs (which I am 2/3 done with) and the new Daily Kicks challenge is the same. If I mark/unmark one on one of them, it changes my progress on the other. The third challenge I am working on is not having any issues with this though, so it is just those two doing it for me.