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Hi, I had a question about The Olympian, especially day 3.
I've just done day 3 and the first party of the workout was incredibly heavy on my shoulders and wrists from keeping myself up, and the workout overall was quite hard on my legs.
So I was just wondering if this is normal for that day (because the information bit had said every third day would be a sort of rest day with lesser exersice) or that I might've done something wrong somewhere?


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Looking at that workout (without having done it myself, but I'm very familiar with these exercises) I can get your problem with the wrists. It's an uncomfortable and mostly unnatural (for most people) position, especially for so many reps and such a long time. You can try switching to putting your weights on your fists/knuckles now and then, that straightens the wrists and takes some weight from them.
Now, shoulders... I don't have that problem, so look at your form. Do you have the hands positioned directly under your shoulders? If not, or if yes, try playing around with your positioning, see if moving the hands to slightly differnt angles helps. During the last three exercises, don't sag between your shoulders, putting all your weight on the sockets.
Legs... probably weak tendons. I can totally see that in the last three exercises, especially if you're not used to them or haven't build up the necessary strength for those movements. When needed, put your leg down for one or two moments, rest for a breather, and continue.
Without knowing your background and experience, I suppose it's mostly not being familiar with the movements, experimenting with your hands, and lack of tendon strength. Thankfully, you can build up to and get better at all of that.
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@Sir Cheese DAREBEE workouts have built-in active rest phases that target satellite muscle groups and tendons. There are six tendons that help the wrists flex and when they're not as strong as they should be, they will feel the load. In addition to the exercises you are doing as part of the program doing an additional wrist mobility workout when you can will benefit you hugely. Although @Nihopaloa means well in her advice, when executing the program your hands have to be positioned in line with your shoulders. Changing that angle introduces muscle-specific forces that change the nature of the workout and make it less of an active rest and more like a muscle workout which means that you will be going into day 4 with less rest than you should. I hope this helps.