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Tim-ta (Timed Tasks)

This site has this timer app, with a lot of features:
So this app runs on all the devices that can use a web browser and it is open source:
On other browser than Firefox it may be not perfect or don't work at all, e.g. on very lightweight browser that cannot even open a video.

There is documentation there, you can set up:
  1. Infinite timers each one with a custom task ending sound/name/duration (not really infinite because the device will run out of ram).
  2. Infinite sets with custom task ending sounds.
  3. All sets to end the workout with a custom task ending sound.
  4. Upload and use a custom sound for the task ending sound, I like to use the one of the Darebee pages.
  5. Upload/save the configuration of the project.
  6. Infinite projects.
  7. Optional pop-up window that remember the position.
  8. Dark theme to take care of the eyes and save power.
So you can set as task ending sound a voice that says e.g. "rest", "push-ups" etc.
You can also use it offline, right click -> Save Page As and then open it on the browser.
But currently the dark theme shouldn't work offline.

If someone wants to run the page locally:
  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Create a Gemfile with this line: `gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins`.
  3. Run `bundle install`.
  4. Run your Jekyll site locally `bundle exec jekyll serve`.
But the alarms won't be found so you need to upload a custom one.