Should I be worried/concerned? Is this dangerous?


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So... I've been trying to lose weight/gain abdomen muscles, so I've been trying to fulfill my New Years resolution by completing every abs workout on this website every day with no rest days. Then I searched up what tendonitis was and now I'm scared... I'm a teen male in high school (6' 0", 180 lbs) and I was wondering if my actions were dangerous or if I should be concerned about future abdomen pains (I'm on day 6 if any of y'all are curious or wondering). Please respond asap!

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Hi @sleepyboii !

It is common to experience some DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a hard workout--particularly if you are not used to doing them and have recently amped up your workout regimen. However, if you are experiencing sharp pains while working out and/or the pain gets worse over the course of a workout, you'll want to back off from what you are doing.

When we feel keen to start on a new self-improvement project, it can be very tempting to do too much, too soon. But with physical exercise, this can lead to injury. It is generally fine to workout every day, provided that you are following a smart program that allows for recovery days. I recommend trying one of DAREBEE's programs to start as they will give you a structured plan of which workout to do each day that takes into account the need for recovery between workouts. All of DAREBEE's programs include abdominal strength training, but there are several which are specifically geared towards core strengthening. A great one to start with is Back & Core.

I hope this helps.


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Also, you cannot spot-reduce fat. It's a myth, and mostly a pretty fairy tale told on the TekTuk to get more views and/or subscriptions.

Weight loss has to be considered as a whole, and mainly stems from caloric deficit - acquired either through dietary changes or exercise. Your focusing on abs means that you are de facto growing a muscle group without (possibly) reaching a caloric deficit, and will likely end up in you just growing abs with little physical changes (but good on you for growing a healthy set of abs).

If you'd like to consider a long term strategy, I'd suggest you focus on some light but consistent cardio along with more abs-focused workouts every couple of days, so that you can consistently sustain a caloric deficit while developing a six pack over time. HIIT is also a very brutal solution for weight loss, and I would by no mean recommend it to someone who's still growing :)

Also, remember that muscles also need rest, and that overdoing it is not a viable long-term strategy. You may end up hurting yourself rather than achieving your goals. While you may want to exercice everyday, could you consider getting another form of workout that could only require some light work for the abs? (Like walking, other full body workouts, etc.)

A 'mentor' of mine during my FT/PT training said that building muscles is pretty much like building a wall. You lay the bricks when working out, than cement the bricks while cooling down/stretching, and allow for that part of the wall to properly rest and set by giving it a rest. And then, rinse and repeat :)