Skarta's Journey! An ADHD journey to Fitness, Wellbeing and Happiness


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I've been a member of DareBee since 2017 but have never been able to complete a challenge or anything really. 😭

I struggle with Anxiety Depression and Binge Eating but feel I am on a somewhat meandering road to recovery. In 2021 I was diagnosed with ADHD and all of a sudden my life started to make sense, life someone handed me glasses!

I am now starting to unpick and understand the reasons why I am the way I am and be kinder to myself, but also how to work with my brain rather than fighting against it!


* Maintain a regular exercise habit (this can be a sweaty workout or just some stretching depending on my energy levels)

* Learn to eat intuitively rather than dopamine hunting or emotional eating

* Be kind to myself

Currently Doing

Pole Dancing, Archery (Barebow Recurve and Compound - AGB and NFAS), Skate Fitness

I'm an Academic Librarian by day and an OCA Creative Arts Student by Night, with way to many hobbies and dreams to fit them all in.


from South Wales
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*Report from my 2021 Update*

A few things have changed, I'm still a Librarian, but I am no longer a Tavern owner (When the husband decides to be a little more personal with the bar staff than is expected it kinda puts a dampener on the whole thing). So I got rid of him, then got rid of the Pub, and am starting to live the life I wanted before the chains of marriage trapped me.

I am now on a larger journey of self-discovery which so far has been extremely emotional.

I realized my relationship was unhealthy and controlling, so I am learning to set boundaries with others, but also discover who I truly am and not lose her when involved with others.

I have also just recently in March 2021 been diagnosed with ADHD which has been a massive eye-opener in my life. I am now beginning to understand why I get so drained, why I binge-eat, why I struggle to fit in socially, why I struggle to achieve any of my goals, and how I need to work with my brain rather than against it.

My current motto when looking to move more is #Followthedopamine so this means that if I don't 'stick' to a particular plan that's ok, I go where the dopamine takes me - One day it could be out Walking, another it could be Archery or Pole Dancing but just keeping moving and to enjoy what I'm doing. I also need to externalize accountability so over the summer I got myself an awesome Personal Trainer, I attend a Skate Fitness Class and go to Pole Dancing lessons - I could do most of these things at home alone but with all the best intentions in the world I would forget or just not do them. I have maintained these for 7 weeks and am looking at trying to introduce some more things into my week. Hence why I'm back here 😀YAY!

My main fitness goals are to work on strength and fitness for Archery and Pole Dancing (Since starting I have found a whole new level of respect for Pole Dancers), whilst also getting more stability around my hypermobile joints.
I am hoping to be fit/strong enough that in 2022 I can take part in Tough Mudder and give most obstacles a semi-decent attempt

In Terms of Eating - As I have a bad history with food instead of a Restrict/Binge lifestyle, I am now trying to embrace Intuitive Eating and not focusing on weight loss but trying to be mindful of food and making healthier choices but not actually limiting/restricting what I eat to 'good/bad food' but also the flip side of that is not forcing myself to eat food I do not like - Like a Salad! URGH! I am trying to learn about proper nutrition and focus on how food makes me feel. I am also looking at more ADHD-friendly ways of shopping/planning/cooking my food. (This is still very much a work in practice and I'm mainly being kind to myself even if I do slip and have a binge).

So yeah that's a little bit of an update on me and how my life fell apart but also how it's looking much better now!

I aim to use this to post my week's updates, good and bad, If I go a bit quiet or don't post for a week please feel free to Tag and kick my butt as I need that accountability!

Thank you


from South Wales
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Ok, so current update

After posting the 2021 update on the old Forum I still struggled to include any DAREBEE stuff into my routine but was doing well with Pole and Eating!

I finally felt like i was getting on top of everything …. But in March 2022 I caught Covid-19 and despite not feeling too bad (temperature, sore throat and tired) I went to sleep on a Thursday and woke up in hospital on the Sat (Thinking…this is NOT my bedroom!)
Turns out my father found me on Friday morning having a seizure (never had any before). He called the ambulance and was told there would be a wait, I did not come round from the seizure but ended up having a second. My father then called 999 again and was told it would be at least a 4 hour wait so he called a good friend to try to get me to the car (I was upstairs) and then to the Hospital. I had another 3 seizures before we made it to the hospital.

I had a range of tests in the hospital including a very unpleasant Lumbar Puncture but they could find nothing to have caused them apart from Covid-19. So released from hospital 6 months no driving, which led to being exhausted after work and public transport and ongoing pain from the Lumbar Puncture has meant I have not been able to do any workout or Pole for 6 months. I also struggled with memory issues and brain fog after so the eating hacks that I had been developing also all fell away.

So this is a restart I’m looking at rebuilding those routines and hacks surrounding eating, back to pole and introducing other workouts to compliment my pole.

I’m still focusing on how I feel and the strength for pole as opposed to weight loss and becoming more confident in my body through my journey.

Thank you all, and I’m hoping to post my successes and struggles here but i also post on Insta and TikTok. (Does anyone else post Darebee videos on there?)
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