supplements what and when?


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Not sure what I should adjust/add to this but here are my daily supplements list and schedule
I'm approaching my mid 40's I am 140 lb and 5' 10'' trying to reach 155 lb on a 6 meals a day no sugar, low carbs diet, 100 Grams of protein daily

every day I take opti-men multivitamins with meals (3 times) and in the mornings 5-6 omega-3 pills
pre workout 5-10 g (BCAA) with 5g Glutamine
post workout a fruit with a protein shake
before bed time casein shake

My question is should I tweak anything about my supplements or when to take them? is there any need to add other type of supplements? I am trying to train 7 days a week, but sometimes I only train 5-6 days a week, can I take the glutamine if I am not training that day?


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I used to be big into relying on supplements. I took the same stuff you're taking now in my quest to bulk up and increase my lifts.

Thing is, supplements are exactly that; they should not replace your calories for the day, and are only there to add to your intake if you're not getting enough calories/nutrients from your meals.

I'd say what you're taking is fine; the multivitamins are great, and so long as you space your proteins out, you'll be fine. I would worry more about your meals for the day; you are quite light in weight for your height (contrast with myself, I'm 5'6'' and 173 lbs). So the question is, are you eating enough on a day to day basis? And what sorts of exercise are you doing? Weight training would be helpful (I'm guessing you're doing this).

Hope this helps.