Tired's Log

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Yay completed the first 5 days.!!
Really wanted to skip yesterday but the core workout only took 10 min. My body has been super sore so have been trying to be mindful of that.
also adding in stretching cause my sciatica has been starting to flare up and also feel like I'm maybe almost pulled something? Overall I'm feeling so great and proud of myself for doing this!!!!

Also completed my run today and beat my last distance.
Posts: 7
I wanted to report I finished all 31 days- Didn't miss a day!! I'm so proud of myself for doing this, I really like this particular program and I wanted to keep on this one.
It's really manageable for my schedule and seems really balanced.
Went for a run today off program- about to go to Europe for a trip and bringing my running shoes =)!
Thanks everyone for the support!