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Hey! I'm looking for a recommendation for wireless headphones. I've always been a wired fan but like... I think wireless will be less of a headache once I start incorporating going to the gym.

I have never really been a fan of wireless earbuds in concept but I've heard over the ear headphones are bad for the gym. Can anyone advise?

My budget is around $50 for now but I get amazon gift cards pretty regularly from work so my budget could go to the $150 range.


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I had that problem too, but I'm glad I changed to wireless buds. Too many instances of my headphones falling off or getting snagged in gym equipment.

I'm not a fan on over-the-ear headsets because I feel like they'd get in the way. Whereas with the buds there's minimal movement; you just stick 'em in your ears and just get on with your workout.

The current pair I'm using is linked below. I was looking for a pair that had acceptable sound quality, good battery life, and that wouldn't fall out of my ears, and these fit the bill:



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