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    An Unexpected Party

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    Here we go again

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    Progress over perfection

    Sunday, January 21 :v: YWA Flow day 20: Inward Monday, January 22 :v: PPL: Push B (8 kg) :v: YWA Flow day 21: Curiosity Tuesday, January 23 :v: Poomsae practice :v: YWA Flow day 22: Truth :v: Taekwondo: repeating kicking basics :v: Front split routine Wednesday, January 24 :v: Poomsae...
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    Progress over perfection

    @Fitato It's something I have to tell myself a lot of the time . Glad to be an inspiration & that others appreciate the sentiment! :proud: Saturday, January 20 :v: TrainLikeABallerina Front split work :v: YWA Flow day 19 - Ride :v: Taegeuk work: Yuk jang :x: Run Opted not to go on my run...
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    696 Days

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    Progress over perfection

    Sunday, January 14 (rest day) :v: Flow day 13 Monday, January 15 :v: PPL: Push B (8 kg) :v: Flow day 14 Tuesday, January 16 :v: Flow day 15 :v: TrainLikeABallerina front split routine :x: Run Wednesday, January 17 :v: Flow day 16 :v: Poomsae practice: taegeuk 1-3 :v: Hamstring stretching...
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    Rainbow Dragon's Lair

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    Into The Wild

    Congrats! :staystrong:
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    Progress over perfection

    Saturday, January 13 :v: Flow day 12: Stability :x: Front split stretching (-> Full body stretching session tomorrow) :x: run For keeping consistent with yoga I have one rule with myself: I have to show up on the mat if my evening ends suitably enough. (ie - Thursday was a very late night and...
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    Progress over perfection

    Thank you @Deadoks! Thursday, January 11 :v: PPL: Pull B (10 kg) :x: Flow day 10: Align (YWA) Friday, January 12 :v: PPL: Legs B :v: Flow day 10: Align (YWA) :v: Flow day 11: Soul (YWA) :x: Run Breathing didn't quite feel up to running this morning, so I figured it was best not to push things...
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    Progress over perfection

    Wednesday, January 10 :v: Monster Core, 3 sets :x: Hamstring stretch :v: YWA: Flow day 9 - Release Had plans with a friend this evening that ran a bit later than intended, and with a job interview Thursday I wanted to get enough sleep so I prioritized my yoga calendar over the Hamstring...
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    Reset at Level One

    Congrats on Recovery! :support:
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    Progress over perfection

    Tuesday, January 9 :v: This Messy Happy 5K, W1D1 (3 min walk, 1 min run) x 6 :v: 10-min Front split stretching routine (B week) :v: YWA: Flow day 8 Always look forward to day 8 of Yoga with Adrienne's yoga challenges. They're so calm and relaxing. Current workout streak: 40
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    Progress over perfection

    A very belated thank you, @TopNotch! Oops. Didn't intend to abandon my thread for so long. Spent the first week of the year testing stuff out and trying to properly formulate my (fitness) goals. They're very vague & broad at the moment, and I'd love to break them down into separate achievable...