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That is awesome accomplishment. I never have any problems finding workout inspiration here. Thank you for what you do.

A request. I am not using my plyobox as much as I thought I would when I bought it. Any chance you could create a dumbbell / plyobox combo workout? I am sure there is an optimum combination of jumps, DB step ups (front or lateral), and possibly DB chest press (or decline push-ups) laying on the box that could make a killer workout. Help! You guys are good at making sensible flow/combination.

A second request (sorry, being needy today)...any plans to include a few suspension trainer (aka TRX) type workouts?


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@DrewSteel hi, no date yet - the testing has taken much, much longer than we hoped. A lot of work has already gone intro the program so we are all looking forward to it :happy: I'll try to post an update here when we have an ETA. I don't think it'll be this year though... our workload is absolutely insane right now but January / February release is likely.
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