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Over 60 & near retirement❣️
The last couple of years I have become decrepit! I’ve been too focused on “just getting through my workday” after a dismal change in management.
Trying to rise above and reclaim my happy healthy self as I head closer to retirement and found myself here! Kismet…
Starting with “Foundation Lite” and moving forward from there. Wish me luck!🍀


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@Dawn the realization you're at and its intention are a great place to start. There are a gazillion options here to help you do that I will, however add this: Be patient, be methodical, be kind to yourself. Start small, achieve small wins every day and the rest will follow. I hope this helps.


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Day 1, 12Mar24
:v:Foundation Lite Level 1
Thoughts: waking up muscles with the workout :ss:. Ventured out in the sunny day for a walk (boat ramp and back). Just over an hour, stats are in fitness app. Was very painful at times: on the way out- left knee, both ankles, right shoulder; on the way back-eased off until laneway when ankles were an 10 on the 1-10 pain scale.
EOD: felt fine all over

Day 2, 13Mar24
:v:Foundation Lite Level 1
:v:Walk - 20min
:v:QiGong Livestream - 30min
Thoughts: feeling good, slightly sore
EOD: super tired, slightly sore

Day 3, 14Mar24
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 3, Level 1

Day 4, 15Mar24
:v:Walk - 35min

Day 5, 16Mar24
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 4, Level 1
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 5, Level 1
Thoughts: had to catch up a day since I only walked yesterday. Really sped up the Day 5 routine so I was sweating slightly but I was feeling good about everything!
Main point is that I am committed to doing at least one thing every single day!

Day 6, 17Mar24
:v:Yoga - 45min

Day 7, 18Mar24
:v:Walk - 55min

Day 8, 19Mar24
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 6, Level 1

Day 9, 20Mar24

Day 10, 21Mar24
:v:Yoga - 35min
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 7, Level 1
Thoughts: I feel that I am better at managing the Foundation program at noon/early afternoon. I usually yoga in the early morning.

Day 11, 22Mar24
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 8, Level 1
Thoughts: Leg raises are NOT as easy as they look!

Day 12, 23Mar224
:v:Weekend Yoga Training

Day 13, 24Mar24
:v:Weekend Yoga Training

Day 14, 25Mar24
:v:Yoga -45min x2
:v:Walk - 20min

Can't believe it's been TWO WEEKS already!

Deep Breath Mindfulness GIF by Djemilah Birnie

NOTE: Going forward, Yoga is 30-40min/2x/day, more of a spiritual yoga. However, is very body challenging too!

Day 15, 26Mar24
:v:Yoga - 30min x2
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 9, Level 1
Thoughts: Fast Paced Cardio on this without 2min rests, only 2 deep breaths. This routine put me out of breath. Hope to get over that issue in the near future. Must keep going...

Day 16, 27Mar24
:v:Yoga - 45min x2
:v:Walk - 15min

Day 17, 28Mar24
:v:Yoga - 45min x2
:v:Walk - 15min

Day 18, 29Mar24
:v:Yoga - 45
:v:Foundation Lite, Day 10, Level 1
Thoughts: Time to step up the Foundation Lite to minimum of 1x per day, then moving into 2x per day

I'm now going on to the "Age of Pandora" program for the added story line to the routine.
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