How to push iron born for difficulty 4


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I've finished Iron Born and I want to keep doing it. I was thinking in looping days 23-30, while continuously increasing weight, as I see fit.
I am loosing any important stuff by doing this?
Do you have any recommendation about reps or even alternatives for some exercises that would bring this program to difficulty 4, so I could use this guide for life?

I really enjoy the way it's designed and in the superior difficulty levels there isn't dumbbells apart from military fit plus which is too much right now.

Thank you.


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Hello, I thing it will be ok to do the 23-30 days with more kgs, but why not doing from the day 1 with more kg if you can?
Another idea is to do workouts from the database and beginning with level 1 and then to do level 2 or to do with more kgs


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Hi, from day 1 the number of reps is way lower.
About the workouts, I am not sure how that works, but this system is keeping me active(which has been difficult in the last years) and I'm enjoying it a lot, I will look at the workouts tho.

OH! I see what you mean, so instead of increasing the weight on 23-30, I can increase even more weight because at the start is less reps! I would have to consider different reps for things that don't use dumbbells, like push ups and abs stuff. Well I guess it comes down to more reps with less weight or less reps with more weight? This might be the best option I will read about it and answer what I find here

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The programs have a progressive training that lasts 30 days and leads to an improvement, cutting them may not bring the same benefits.
If you liked IRONBORN and it worked I would play more on increasing the weights used and keeping the structure of the program intact including the expected repetitions.
One of the suggestions given in the old forum was to slow down the repetitions to make them more difficult, this advice also applies to bodyweight exercises, same repetitions but in a more difficult version :)


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Okay, I've decided to restart the program adding more weight. I finished using 8KG and will jump to 10KG.
About day 30 to day 1, it doesn't follow the ppla rules, day 29/30 is push/pull, and day 1/2 is push/pull, so I will just do day 23/24 and then restart, so 29,30,23,24,1,2,3,4..
About the exercises that don't use weight, I want to add weight to them, like push ups, situps etc etc. I just don't know how much? Any idea?


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Add to your push-ups simply by doing them very slowly. Or try decline push-ups or other variations such as archer. If you have a decline bench, you could use that when doing sit-ups, or try harder variations of the exercise. Most bodyweight exercises can simply be made harder by slowing down the movement.