Improve Your Balance With Just Two Minutes A Day!


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Have you been in touch with my kinesitherapist, @Damer ?! LOL! It is a good one.

Seriously, balance matters a lot, especially if you have hips, knees or ankle problems. What seems to be working for me, after discussion with my kiné, is not necessarily staying long in a balance posture, but chaining them - changing the un-equilibrium, so to speak. For example right now I do tree - extended hand-to-big-toe side then front, brush leg behind, finish in warrior III. Change leg, repeat. Put that after each set of my Darebee workout.


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@PetiteSheWolf chaining actions is a massive thing for the body/brain connection. If you want to test your kinetic chain, try the exact same exercise as above, but this time close your eyes, slowly count to twenty and try to touch the tip of your nose with the trigger finger of both hands by bringing them in at the same time :LOL: :LOL: :cool:


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Thank you for the tip!

Sometimes with the balance exercises, I need to put my hand down on a table once or twice, but I could see this exercise helping me to be able to avoid that.

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