Kettlebell HIIT workout


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Hello, I have a question about the kettlebell HIIT workout.
I know that it had a post at the old forum and It has been told that it is a HIIT workout with numbers and not with time.
So I did it yesterday with my 20 and 24 kgs kettlebells and I had 141 max heart rate at level 1.
As I know HIIT workouts are intense and we have >150 heart rate (75-85% MHR) generally , I had the benefits of a HIIT workout or maybe I need to do it at level 2 when I will be fitter?
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@avatar the MHR depends both on fitness level and age so you'd need to take that into account if you want to be that accurate with HIIT. You could, of course, just go on effort. HIIT is designed for you to empty yourself in each set which means the intensity will probably vary (for a number of muscle fatigue related reasons) but as you go flat out each time you'd be hitting the MHR you need automatically. That is a better rule-of-thumb than trying to accurately measure where you're at. I hope this helps.


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Thanκ you for the replay, obviously the max heart rate depends at the body condition and the age also.
Today I had 147 MHR, I hope the watch was ok.
I do not know why this difference (137,141,147) as the conditions were the same. I did the workouts 1 hour after the breakfast.
I thing that with bodyweight HIIT workouts of DAREBEE we may have higher MHR than with kettlebell HIIT (these I had, 140-145).
We may try to see.