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So I mentioned I have a tiny kitchen so I have to get super creative with my kitchen equipment. Today I finished my Korean-style slide out shelf for my rice cooker and and an air-fryer. I have a small kitchen but I have a pantry cabinet so that's where I store my 5 top kitchen gadgets: a bread maker, a pressure cooker, a hot plate (I have no hob), a rice cooker and an air-fryer. I use all 5 all the time and before I had to take each one out and place it on the counter (I keep my counters free of anything but the coffee maker) and then put them away.

But not anymoooore :muahaha:

The idea is simple - and I saw it on one of the Korean housewives' channel on YouTube (I find these videos super relaxing) - I can just have a slide out shelf inside a cabinet and use my equipment right there. So now I can use the air-fryer and the rice cooker at the same time and without moving them. I just slide out the shelf (both are already plugged in and yes I had to add a power extension to the cabinet) and load both with food. It's out of the way and I have aaaaall the counter-space I want when cooking. YAS.



Eventually, when I can afford to change the pantry doors I will replace the slide out shelf with a drawer so it's not so ugly but for now, this is amazing. I love it.

What are your kitchen hacks? How do you solve the cooking / storage space problems in your kitchen?

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That is sweet, Neila!

Following the thread to learn everyone's secrets. My kitchen is a mess. (I share it with my mother who buys way too much junk that she sees on TV or on sale in a store but then never uses. Then she wants all of her junk to be in the most accessible places because she is 81 years old and does not like to climb or bend down.) Our kitchen is huge but has very little counter space. We want to get an island made. We have room for a seriously large island, but not the money for one atm. (Also: my father is worried that an island would obstruct his access to the kitchen. Which makes no sense because he doesn't use the kitchen ever.)


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Also have a very cluttered kitchen since we are living with my grandfather.

But when we were on our own... My biggest kitchen hack was having a husband who was an Air Force Seargant Major. 🤣

That is still my biggest hack for everything...including learning how to be patient with a perfectionist.