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A very important tool to help unite body and mind, and keep focus and calm! Thanks for reminding, @neilarey and @Heniek .
I use breath control, but also visualisation, point-to-point breathing, and simple chakra alignment. I tried cardiac coherency (3 times a day 5 minutes 5 breaths/minute), but my heart rate refused to go down. Guess it's a remnant of all that my heart has been through, so no biggie. But the effect on anxiety / nervosity was very clear and good, though.


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About 4 years ago I started meditating, using a mediation app on my iPhone. It started with one minute sessions, which at that time seemed to last forever. It was really a strange experience for me. Now I really enjoy my practise & I try to do it daily. I find mediation helps me control stress & calm my mind.


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I try to make meditation a daily thing these days. At least 20 minutes if I can.

I like doing the Empty Bowl Meditation and the So-Hum meditation.

I also like meditating on a single word, meant to be an intention for the day. For example - Stability.

I haven't turned it into a solid habit yet but I do love the feeling I get when I eventually manage to quiet my mind. It feels like resting.

It's even more restful than sleep to me, because my sleep is pretty disturbed. I get up at least four times during the night and my mind never shuts up. I know people are supposed to dream, but it feels tiring to me.

So having nothing but silence inside myself and just focusing on a single thing is so soothing.:worship: