Need some advices on workouts/programs to reboot my training routine


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So, basically I am in my 50 (lives in Quebec, Canada) but still wanted to rebuild my body. I use to go to the gym before the pandemic but since then, it seems that I lost motivation or something else and I just quit training for awhile. But I miss this so much!!! So I want to go back to the playground. But I wanted to have a training program that I can use at home in case I can't go to the gym. My goal is first, to be back in shape (meaning in a good condition to start working hard again) so something that could be progressive (but that do the entire body) and then more and more, have a workout program that make me work hard (I don't mind working hard :) ).
So yes, this is what I am looking right now and I really impatient to read your comments or advices. Thanks in advance!


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It is a good idea to use dumbbells or kettlebells , I used some sandbag workouts of darebee with my kettlebells but also you can do bodyweight workouts.
You can follow the training plans of dareebe. After 1-2 months of workouts (as HIIT are intense workouts), you can do some HIIT darebee workouts
Darebee has also many programs and if you will exercise at home you may try some.