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Welcome to my colourful corner of the Hive!

I have in the past used this first post in my check-in thread to keep a dated list of all the DAREBEE programs, challenges, and special events I have completed, along with some personal challenges. But the new Hive software won't allow me to import it on account of its length. So I'll keep this intro post short and sweet, and make a separate "Rainbow's History at DAREBEE" post below in an abbreviated form. (I don't think the list will be too long if I strip out the links, and by abbreviating the date info I should be able to continue to update it for a while yet.)

So... what have I been up to? The last month of my summer was not as productive as I would have liked, and I fell way off the wagon in terms of my GBOT and GOBOT goals. But I have kept up with my daily workouts, daily French, and abstinence from solo video games (although not from solo boardgaming, which has been a bit of an issue in recent weeks). I have also been away from the Hive for far too long. I'm hoping to use these shiny, brand-spanking-new forums to kick-start my return and give me a chance to stay on top of keeping up with you all.

For those of you who were following my old thread:

1. I signed off with the periodontist on August 4. She declared the gum graft procedure a success at that time and cleared me to return to cleaning my teeth and mouth without restrictions. Professional cleaning (scaling) was still forbidden until September, but I had that done on September 6th. Never before was I so excited to visit my dental hygienist! It is so nice to be back to eating, brushing, and flossing normally. I'm even a little bit starting to get used to the feel of my altered gum landscape.

2. My super strong and brave Terrific Trudy is still with me. The bump on her head is huge now, and her nose drips blood pretty much constantly. But she still has a great appetite, still loves to go for walks to visit her friends, and still appears to be comfortable most of the time. So we persist, taking life one day at a time.




3. Super Shelby is jealous of the extra attention Sick Dog is getting. But she is still a happy girl who is trying very hard to be considerate of Other Dog's needs. My father has a new attendant who dotes on Shelby and always gives her lots of attention when she visits, which is nice for Shelby. (With Trudy being the over-affectionate Golden, and Shelby being more reserved at home and more anxious on our walks, many people have favoured Trudy with their affection in the past.) And Shelby gets her own walks with me (at a much faster pace than Trudy can manage these days) and has a couple of friends of her own who we stop in to visit.




4. The obligatory bird photo:


Red-eyed Vireo (Vireo olivaceus)

A great photo for a sad reason: this bird flew into our window and was badly concussed. I picked it up and placed it on a branch that was at my eye-level, so not a usual photo op, but hopefully a little safer from predators than stumbling around on the ground. Within about half an hour the bird did recover enough to fly off, so I have some hope it may be okay. (But concussions are usually bad news for birds.)

So... not such a short post after all. But hopefully short enough to be accepted. More to come...


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"Striving to be the change."
Completed DAREBEE Programs & Challenges:

15 Days of Fitness: JUN '17
Yoga Week: JUN '17
30 Days of Fitness: JUN '17
30 Day Walkabout: JUN '17
Abs & Core 30 Day Challenge: JUN '17
Posture 30-Day Challenge: JUN '17
100 30-Day Challenge: JUN '17
Balance 30-Day Challenge: JUL '17
Katana Week: JUL '17
2-Minute Multiplank 30-Day Challenge: OCT '17
1-Minute Yoga Challenge: DEC '17
2017 DARE Tree - Strawberry Cupcake: DEC '17
2017 Snow Fight - 1038 burpees!: DEC '17
2017 Fitness Advent Calendar: DEC '17
2017 Fit Christmas: JAN '18
<Totals>: JAN '18
Athena's Playbook: FEB '18
Random Workout Challenge 10.0: failed Round 3 FEB '18
Plankathlone 2.0: FEB '18
Meditation 30-Day Challenge: MAR '18
Flexibility 30-Day Challenge: APR '18
Iron Glutes 30-Day Challenge: APR '18
Squats & Punches 30-Day Challenge: APR '18
2018 DARE Tree - all the things!: DEC '18
2018 Snowfight - 388 burpees: DEC '18
2018 Advent Calendar: DEC '18
Calves of Steel Challenge: DEC '18
Wall-Sit Challenge: DEC '18
Hell Week: DEC '18
Dragon Week: JAN '19
Girl Power Week: JAN '19
Battleground 2019 - 14,486 points for the Light: JAN '19
Get to Bed On Time: FEB '19
Only Homemade: FEB '19
Age of Pandora - Part 1: FEB '19
Random Workout Challenge #11: failed Round 5 MAY '19
2019 DARETREE - Honeycomb (1000 sidekicks): DEC '19
2019 Snowfight - 1251 shrimp squats: DEC '19
30 Days of Running: DEC '19
Power Up: DEC '19
Yoga Abs Challenge: DEC '19
2019 Advent Calendar: DEC '19
30 Days of Yoga: JAN '20
Back & Core: JAN '20
COOK90 / Only Homemade 30: JAN '20
No Junk Food: JAN '20
A Salad a Day: FEB '20
Vitality: APR '20 - w. N
Baseline (version 1.0): MAY '20 - w. N
Total Abs: MAY '20
Express Tone: MAY '20
Knee Push-ups 30-Day Challenge: JUN '20 - all reps and holds done on my toes
Foundation Light: JUN '20 - w. N
Wall Push-ups Challenge: JUN '20 - w. N - push-ups completed as a mix of full classic and kneeling, holds completed as full chaturangas
50 Squats a Day Challenge: JUN '20 - w. N
Posture Challenge: JUN '20 - w. N
Cardio Go!: JUL '20 - w. N
Upper Body Light Challenge: JUL '20 - w. N
Core Control Challenge: JUL '20 - w. N
Touch Your Toes Challenge: JUL '20 - w. N
Power Grip Challenge: AUG '20 - w. N
Punches & Squats Challenge: AUG '20 - w. N
IronBorn: SEP '20 - w. N
TEN: OCT '20 - w. N
Foundation: NOV '20 - w. N
Square One: DEC '20 - w. N
De-Stress Challenge: DEC '20 - w. N
30 Daily Dares Challenge: DEC '20 - w. N
2020 Advent Calendar: DEC '20 - w. N
2020 DARETREE: Sapphire (400 squats) - w. N & Topaz (200 burpees): DEC '20
2020 Fit Christmas: DEC '20 - w. N
Fireheart: JAN '21 - w. N
Full Circuit: FEB '21 - w. N
Hero's Journey: APR '21 - w. N
30 Days of Gravity: NOV '21 - w. N
Combat HIIT: NOV '21 - w. N
60 Days of Cardio: NOV '21 - w. N
Arms of Steel: NOV '21 - w. N
1-Minute HIIT: NOV '21 - w. N
2021 DARETREE: all the things!: DEC '21
Ironheart: JAN '22 - w. N
Pathfinder: JAN '22 - w. N
30 Days of Cardio Blast: JUL '22 - w. N.
Spartan Trials: AUG '22 - w. N.

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"Striving to be the change."
Current Goals - Fitness:
  • minimum 5 hours / week moderate to intense physical activity
  • minimum 3 hours / week yoga asana practice or dance
  • minimum 20 km / week running
  • minimum 1 hour / week meditation
Note: Yoga asana practice includes all styles of yoga, both vigorous and restorative. Active yoga asana (vinyasa, power, etc.) hours also count towards my 5 hours of physical activity per week. Restorative yoga does not.

Current Goals - Work / Study:
  • minimum 10 hours / week writing
  • minimum 3 hours / week French language study
  • minimum 5 hours / week artwork
  • minimum 1 hour / week health & fitness

  • 6AM = 3 stars
  • 6:30 = 2 stars
  • 7AM = 1 star

  • 10PM = 3 stars
  • 10:30 = 2 stars
  • 11PM = 1 star

Current Streaks:
  • daily exercise since April 23, 2020
  • daily French since November 11, 2020
  • no solo video games since July 9, 2022
  • daily writing since September 15, 2022

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"Striving to be the change."
Current Workout Schedule with Norma

My mother's belly dancing class is finally back on at our local seniors' centre. And she has decided to start doing the Thursday VON class (in addition to the Tuesday class she was already doing). Tai Chi is back on now too, also on Tuesdays. So in theory I only need to workout with my mother 4 days per week now. In practice, she often ends up missing a public class for one reason or another and then expects me to come up with something to do with her that day. So I currently have a 6 day per week schedule to do with her--although I hopefully won't have to do the Monday or Thursday workouts with her too often. (There is nothing scheduled for Tuesdays at the moment. My mother currently has two classes at the seniors' centre on Tuesdays. She usually makes it to at least one of them. If she doesn't, it would likely be because she wasn't feeling well, in which case we would just do something easy: maybe hands & feet and some chair yoga.)

Mondays (if necessary):
  • Upperbody Mobility (one set)
  • Easy Legs (3 sets per leg for asymmetrical exercises)
  • Sore Feet (2x DP)
  • Talk to the Hand (DP, per side for one-handed exercises)
  • Hand Tendons (2x DP)
Tuesdays: nothing scheduled

Thursdays (if necessary):
  • Universal Warmup (DP - per direction/leg last 3 exercises)
  • Total Burn (usually on Level II)
  • Ankle Recovery (2x DP)
  • Wrist Pain (DP, per side for one-handed exercises)
  • Hand Tendons(2x DP)
  • Posture (3x DP, sub hip circles for final exercise)
  • Knee Saver (3x DP, modified to all standing exercises, with some additions)
  • Sore Feet (2x DP)
  • Talk to the Hand (DP, per side for one-handed exercises)
  • Hand Tendons (2x DP)
Note: DP = Dragon Protocol = 30 seconds per exercise.
Doing any exercise with my mother for less than 30 seconds is pointless as transitioning that quickly just confuses her.
My mother is a talker. She talks at me pretty much non-stop during our workouts. This makes counting reps very difficult.
Also: if I specify that an exercise is to be done for X # of reps, my mother has a tendency to half-arse her reps on exercises she doesn't like to try to get them over with quickly.
Consequently, for most workouts, I ignore the official protocol and just do 30 seconds per exercise (or per side) per set: Dragon Protocol.

Laura Rainbow Dragon

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"Striving to be the change."
September 18-24, 2022 Goals Check-In:



6 days @ :x:
1 day @ :rstar::rstar:


3 days @ :x:
3 days @ :rstar:
1 day @ :rstar::rstar:

I'm not sure what to do about this. I don't want to be not running or not working on my art. But I don't want to cut back on any of my other areas either.
GOBOT and GBOT look bad for the week. But considering where I was at the start of the week, this is actually significant improvement. I'm happy about my stats there.
The rest of it though... I think I managed my time pretty well this week. And this was the best I was able to pull off.

Earlier on, when I was aiming for 16 total study/work hours per week, some of what I was doing was watching instructional videos--something I can do while I'm eating, for the most part. Now I'm aiming for 19 total study/work hours per week, and it's pretty much all hands-on work. So I am asking more of myself. But there was a time when I was writing four hours a day--butt in chair, hands on keyboard--every day. There was a time when I was playing roller derby, attending 10 hours of practice every week--which I had to commute to--and helping to run the league and still writing. Of course, my parents were a lot less needy during those times. And I only had one dog back then, who was until very close to the end less needy than Trudy is now.

I'm not going to change my targets for now. I cannot say for certain what I will or will not be able to accomplish in a given week because the external demands on my time are not consistent. I still think my current targets should be attainable most of the time. So I'm going to keep striving for them and learn to be okay with sometimes missing the mark. I need to keep prioritizing my writing and my total workout hours as the two areas in which I cannot miss. I need to start making some money, and selling my writing is still my best shot at doing that. And if I don't have my health, I don't have anything. So I need to stay on top of that. Also: I want to work harder to ensure that I get out for a run at least one day a week. Other than these things, I'll flex where I need to, but keep shooting for full marks when I can manage it. Give my current plan a shot for 4 more weeks (until October 22) and reassess then if necessary.


Daily Exercise: 885 days
Daily French: 683 days
No Solo Video Games: 78 days
Daily Writing: 10 days

Daily Workout for Norma : 22 days
(My mother lost her streak on September 2 but jumped right back in the game again the next day.)

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"Striving to be the change."
I made it out for a run today!


It was cold* and windy and raining. But I got it done!

*Not cold cold. Our precipitation today is only rain. But it was cold enough I wore a toque and a jacket. Our weather flipped here overnight on the equinox, from too-hot summer weather the day before to this on the equinox and most days since. It's a bit of a shock to the system. (I prefer the cooler weather, but not so much the wind and rain.)

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"Striving to be the change."
September 25 - October 1, 2022 Goals Check-In:




5 days @ :x:
1 day @ :rstar:
1 day @ :rstar: :rstar: :rstar:


3 days @ :x:
3 days @ :rstar:
1 day @ :rstar::rstar: :rstar:

Full colours for fitness, but still no artwork.
Messed up GOBOT and GBOT again being a putz to myself. Must do better here.


Daily Exercise: 892 days
Daily French: 690 days
No Solo Video Games: 85 days
Daily Writing: 17 days

Daily Workout for Norma : 29 days

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"Striving to be the change."
Thank you @NancyTree .

I am happy that I got my running mileage done. But this was unfortunately due at least in part to shorting the dogs on their walks. This is a difficult area for me to navigate these days. Trudy is nearing the end of her life. What she most wants to do these days is go for walks so she can visit all of her friends. Last weekend she made me take her to our veterinary clinic. It was late afternoon when we got out for our walk. I didn't want to call on the friends we usually visit because I knew they would be prepping/eating dinner at the time we were passing by their homes. Trudy had a few times recently tried to walk in a different direction from where we normally go, so I decided on this day to let her lead and see where it was she wanted to go. She took me straight to the vets'. She does not know they are medical professionals to whom I pay a lot of money to check her out. She thinks they are a whole bunch of friends of hers who all live together in a big ol' house and who pet her and give her yummy treats and tell her she is awesome when she goes to visit them. She was very disappointed when we got there and she was not invited to go inside! (The clinic is closed on weekends. Because the building is glass-fronted and was dark inside, she could see my reflection in the glass and was convinced I was someone inside the building, coming to the door to let her in. She wagged her tail so hard! She did not believe me that no one was there, and she did not want to leave without seeing her friends.) The trouble is that our full route that takes us past all of her friends' homes is a 3K trip. (A round trip to the vets' is also 3K, just in a different direction.) Trudy is so slow at walking these days, it takes us 2 hours to make the trip. And I have to walk Shelby as well. (I cannot walk them together because Shelby does not want to walk that slowly.) So everyday I am faced with the dilemma: do I sacrifice 2.5 hours to walking my dogs, thereby giving my dying dog what she wants, or do I give them short walks so I can get more of my own stuff done? This week there were several days of cold/windy/rainy weather, which helped to inform my decision.

The messed up GOBOT/GBOT however was entirely caused by me being a putz. I was doing well at the beginning of the week and getting a lot done. So I decided to reward myself on Tuesday night with a game of Wingspan. This somehow turned into multiple games of Wingspan which lasted until 4AM. Then on Thursday night, when I still had a sleep deficit from Tuesday night's nonsense, I stayed up all night playing Viticulture. (The one day last week when I logged 3 stars for GOBOT was because of this. I was up at 6AM because I had not gone to sleep!) If I had not messed up on those two nights, my GOBOT/GBOT for the week would look a lot better, and I probably would have had time to get some artwork done too. So I really do need to do better on this front.