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In the last few months I have finished Hard Reset (both at the same time), IronBorn and IronBorn again with bigger weights. My aim at the beginning was to loose a bit of fat (which I achieved with the Hard Reset) and then build muscle mass. But now I feel like I stuck a bit with the weights training only. I am considering starting the Spartan Trials program with a weight vest. Is it a good choice in my situation if I want to continue progress of gaining muscles (with right diet)? Or should I stick to weights? Thanks in advance.


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I really enjoyed the Spartan Trials program, so I highly recommend it :)
Beyond the training benefits, I would also consider doing a type of training that I enjoy and therefore vary a bit.
Weight training is certainly the one that increases muscle mass the most, but the usefulness of all functional training must also be taken into account.
I like to mix bodyweight training with weight training a bit, they complement each other well, this is just my opinion.


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If you want to gain muscles then maybe to lift weights, you can select workouts from the database, do not forget cardio, maybe to select intense workouts.
You can buy kettlebells and to do also some sandbag workouts (from darebee database) with them.
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Spartan Trials is fun and a great program and i definitely recommend it too. I did it with ankle and wrist weights and that added a new level of difficulty to the program which might help you add more "weights" into it as well. You can also try doing the Express Tone program simultaneously with the Trials it as it is an "add-on" weight training program.

Good luck and have fun!