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I very rarely watch movies anymore...or television for that matter.

But when I do I'm usually glued to Curiosity channel, which is a spin off from Discovery. Or Animal Planet. National Geographic is also a favourite. And Food Network.

Sometimes even the Home Channel. (I like to dream that I have a house like that...)

Oh, and my favourite series are Expedition Unknown and Ancient Aliens. I also loved watching Bones, which was the only 'non-reality' tv series I followed.

Don't look at me like that. 😁


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My wife and I don't find a lot of modern entertainment content to be very family-friendly so we've been opting to watch older content when we do sit down together. We've been having fun watching old documentaries from the National Film Board of Canada. This one, Age is No Barrier (1989), was a fun one:


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Just watched “The Swimmers”, about the two refugee sisters who pulled their boat to safety and then went on to swim for the Olympics.

The movie is equally important in terms of showing the realities of refugee crossings as well as being inspiring fin terms of the determination of this girl athlete. Highly recommend though heavy at points.