Thread Watching Setting Question


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I wanted to know what setting I need to change to have a thread show up in my notifications (the bell). Right now I have some threads that I checked as "watch" but I never get notified when a new post is added (I have missed many new posts). There has to be an easy way to do this, but I can't seem to figure it out. FYI, I get notifications when someone reacts or replies to my posts, but that is it. Thanks!


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it always feel as if all the blood/pressure/tension of muscle groups worked always flow to my head,after every workout section,am looking for a solution for that,my head's getting heavy and am loosing motivation to gym/workout with this in mind.felt like wearing headband whilst working out would get get that in check,but not a permanent solution,it always look for ways to get to it's final destination,even @stress buster workout that has only 30 moves that leaves my trap sore when especially I sense trespassers(someone tryna stress me) I no longer feel it in my traps no more, though won't forget the day I felt it left my traps to my head,but is there any solution?