Wind Down Program


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Hello Darebee Team,
I know you are busy, have many ideas, and spoil us with great content. I was just wondering: maybe a wind-down, sleep-inducing program would be a good idea? Maybe relaxing deep yoga stretches on the floor only (not standing), a program to relax before sleeping. An add-on program with a short session to create a relaxation routine just before going to bed. Right before bed, I do one of your yoga routines, like Afterglow, Gaia, Chrysalis, Bliss, and Dream Catcher. With this, some relaxing music, and dim light, I created a small ritual that I used many times, regularly, and I started to connect it subconsciously with sleep, and it actually helped me to fall asleep easier.
Would be great to have a structured program for that.
Just a thought:).