Do you have an oven?


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Just out of curiosity - do you have an oven in your house? Although we moved a lot when I was in my teens it was always within Europe and we always had an oven in our apartment (even in shared accommodations). I was wondering if that's a common appliance where you live or not. I've heard that's no longer expected by default in new homes - is this true?

A few years ago I got rid of a built in hob - I just have an induction single plate one now I keep with my pots and take it out whenever I need it, but I still have a full-size oven and I use it every day.



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My sister bought a trailer home, it has no oven just a stove top, I told her people I know use a air fryer. We live in an apartment and have a full stove, I use the oven a lot for many meals.


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I do, and use it at least 3 times a week. Because baked potatoes. 😋 And I roast lots of peanuts in it. Because you know, me and peanuts.

I actually have two ovens, one gas and one electric. The baking element in the electric died a few months ago, and nobody has intentions for fixing it. So now I use gas for baking, and electric for grilling, because my gas stove is old and it doesn't crisp food. At all. It's handy when there's loadshedding, though.

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Yes. We have an oven (gas oven and 4-element range in one combined unit).


Also a microwave, a toaster oven,


and a single element electric range.


The electric range is ancient. But I use it and the toaster oven as often as possible because I am concerned re: the health impacts of cooking with gas. (If the oven was mine, I would have swapped it out for an electric oven with induction range years ago. But it's not mine, and I don't have the power to do this, sadly.)

In Canada, a full-sized oven, and a 4-element range is absolutely the standard in almost every home. (High end ovens include 5 or 6 element ranges. But 4 is standard.) Usually these are combined into the same appliance, but sometimes they are separate. A full-sized oven with 4-element range is standard in rental accommodations here too. Nicer places often also include a microwave. I have seen rental accommodations that do not include a full-sized oven, but that is pretty much considered slum living here.

I have had access to a full-sized oven everywhere I have lived. Even in university residence I had access to a full-sized oven. I would have to be extremely desperate to rent a place that did not include one.


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I have a full size electric oven (pretty standard for most US homes) and a counter top toaster oven. I use both regularly, the toaster oven more though. Toaster oven cooks great cornish game hens, breads, toast pine nuts and other nuts, broiling, and toasting of course. I’ve been using my larger oven for making bread, granola, stews, roasting vegs, etc. Maybe once per week will I use the large oven for something.

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Added some new children to the family yesterday:

Convection toaster oven with air fry feature:


(We're keeping the old one too. I've just moved it to another table adjacent to this one. I often need to cook two or more things at once.)

Double element ceramic range:


As you can see, this now lives on top of our gas range. (We have a large kitchen, but not a lot of counter space.) The jury is still out on whether or not we are keeping the old single ring range. (Apparently this was given to my brother at some point, and is only on loan back to us for the winter, since he only uses it for camping. He has a full-sized electric oven with full induction range on top, so has no need for the stand-alone electric range at home. But my mother cannot resist a bargain, and the dual-element ranges are on sale. So now she is talking about buying a new 2-element range for him, and keeping her old single ring range for us.)

As you can see from this photo of last night's dinner, having two pans on the go at once is normal for me. Three is also fairly common, and sometimes four. I use a lot of kitchen!


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Oven? :) yes we do have oven and I use it often. Baking cakes for family or bake my veggies...hmm and today I made a fish in the oven. I call myself a vegetarian but with age I somehow started to crave after fish:confused: but it must not have a shape of a fish :p just from frozen fillet cubes. I keep it healthy, I baked it natural with few drops of olive oil.

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In my country South Korea, ovens used to be considered not usual appliance in home kitchen. But nowadays, many people prefer to cook their meal using it.
However, even many newly-built houses here are not equipped with it.

most of Korean traditional cuisines aren’t cooked on it. That’s why we aren’t used to using the appliance.

But our food culture is slightly being westernized. So there are many people using it for their cooking.


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I make french fries in the oven by chipping potatoes season and slightly oil and bake till brown. Yesterday I added a touch of Jamaican curry powder and turmeric to the fries and hand blended, also green pepper pieces and breaded haddock. Tonight I be cooking Gardein (Canadian) stuffed veggie turky and since it comes with gravy throw in a couple of hash brown patty's.

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Sou grato pelos aparelhos modernos. E que o nosso fogão a gás - embora eu prefira não ter gás algum - é pelo menos auto-iluminado.
Boa noite, Sr(a) hoje tem muitas panelas que podemos usa para fazer quase tudo que o forno faz e também economiza muito com gás, ou energia elétrica. Aqui no RJ BR, busco usar.