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I was wondering if there is a way to get an option to choose LIIT workouts from the filter when your searchibg through workouts? I know there's one for HIIT but I feel it might be a nice addition especially after the LIIT program was added.

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@bbybear712 you can filter for LIIT workouts by filtering for both HIIT and workout difficulty.

As per the Workout Manual, Difficulty 1 workouts are all low/no impact exercises. So if you filter for both HIIT as the type and 1-Light as the difficulty, you will get suitable workouts.
Difficulty 2-Easy workouts add in lunges, hops, and butt kicks.
Difficulty 3-Normal workouts include jumping jacks and high knees, but none of the truly high impact stuff like jump squats, jumping lunges, or burpees.

LIIT versus HIIT is a spectrum, not an absolute either/or. Using the Difficulty level option you can filter for where on that spectrum is the best spot for you.
(For reference the LIIT program is Difficulty Level 2.)

Also to note: We're mixing terms a little bit here: "Impact" versus "Intensity". These are related, but not the same thing. You can increase the intensity of even low impact exercises by doing the same exercises faster. The truly high impact exercises are pretty much always going to be high intensity due to the explosive power you need to generate to do them at all (but one can vary speed here too). The middle ground (jumping jacks, high knees, and I would include many of the difficulty-2 exercises as well) are very variable in intensity, depending on the speed you do them at.