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Welcome @MaroneBluecarno !

I second @Shaarawi 's suggestions, especially How to Pick a Program.

If you do not already have an established regular workout habit, it is a great idea to start with a program, because it will give you a structured plan for what to do every day for the first month. (Usually. A few of the programs are longer, and one is shorter, but most are 30 days.) This takes away the need to decide every day what to do, which can be an obstacle to getting started. With a program, you just click on the next day's workout for that program and do that. At the end of the 30 days you will have established a solid baseline of fitness and, more importantly, the habit of doing something every day.

Once you have completed your first program, you can move on to another one. (There are a lot to choose from!) Or take a look at the training plans and choose individual workouts to fit that, if you feel ready to go that route.