Help for skinny guy & ‘pear’ shape female help us please -also nice story too


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I’m new to exercise really but I am very thin, and always felt myself healthy as I could endure 2-3 hrs bike rides easily. However with the news 5 years ago my father hd heart stents and bypass it got me concerned and motivated. As I am a nurse I attended his cardiac rehab classes with him and found really enjoyed, so much so that I am a cardiac rehab nurse specialist. Since starting my role a couple of years ago I came across darebee and found there instructions for exercise really simple explanations and have done a few that interested me just from the names alone. Now I’m looking to get more serious for bothe me and my wife. I want to put on muscle, and she is looking to loose weight, and she has been informed that her shape is of a ‘pear’ which may make sense to some of you here.
I am looking for guidance for us both
A skinny guy wanting to put muscle weight in any exercises that would benefit this

My wife to help her loose weight and gain muscles - any exercise guides for this

I hope to get some response as both me and my wife love being in health care and the nhs in uk 🇬🇧 and want to continue doing this as long as possible and to the best way we can be.

Thank you


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Do you still cycle? Does your wife do any regular exercise? What types of exercises do you actually enjoy, and are there any that you have in common? First and foremost, before looking much at any programmes, if you do have something in common that you like, such as hiking, you might care to try to incorporate that into your week.
There are many programmes that can benefit you. Some focus on free weights (such as dumbbells), others have a greater cardio focus (such as running), while most are comprised of bodyweight exercises. You can use the filter option on the progammes page (and the workouts and challenges pages, for that matter) to select those that interest you right now. I'd recommend going for a level that is a little lower than you think you can do because it's easier and more heartening to increase than decrease. It is very easy to increase difficulty or intensity if you find that things are too easy for you.
The fitness test is a good place to start and a good way to set a baseline. Even though some of the level one programmes may look easy, when you actually come to doing them, you may be surprised by the fatigue that builds up! Don't put something aside thinking it's too easy until you've given it a go. And "easy" workouts and programmes can be excellent as warm-up exercises.


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Some tips that really helped me lose 60 pounds:

• Learn portion sizes
• Find recipes that fit your budget and time you want to spend on cooking
• Take it one step at a time, if you’re new to healthy eating start with just fruit, if you’re new to exercise start with 10-15 minute walks
• Make it fun
• Multivitamin
• Slowly increase water intake
• Create a playlist
• Find a mantra
• Do affirmations
• If you're prone to emotional eating get a therapist or start journaling or find an online or IRL support group


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Hello and welcome to the Hive.
Your wife wants to lose weight, so she needs to have a calories deficit, 15%. Also it is good to be active, you may use your bikes etc
You may decide also the kind of exercise that you like, weight lifting , bodyweight workouts etc.
As you want also to gain muscles you may do weight lifting, darebee has many workouts and programs for dumbbells and kettlebells
Also you may do tai-chi /Qigong as "add-on" exercise