More smilies please!


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@neilarey I have a lot of cute smileys on my laptop, saved from my past, would you be interested in taking a peek if they're suitable for the hive? I don't know if the quality is still good enough for our technique nowadays (like resolution), but they really worked well on MSN (ough I feel old...) :D


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@NancyTree sure, thanks! IF you upload them on Google Drive, I'll take a look! :happy:

I think we are about 2/3 done with the current set. We still have a full folder :LOL: but do let me know if you are missing any in particular from the old Hive so we prioritize them.


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I would love to see this one come back 1665423100567.png and there were two I think that had a little armchair for resting that I miss as well. 1665423203420.png was one of them, and the other one had a little critter pop up behind the chair. I love those ones. Apologies if I just missed them. Also, does anyone else have the issue where when you select one of the smilies, the text cursor goes before it instead of after?


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I would really like an "awkward smile" emoji. Similar to this one:

I find myself wanting to use this all the time in here, it's one of my most used emojis :)