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I see that some people here never take rest day... I've have been told by coaches / training partners / my body (mainly my body) that rest was useful (necessary ?) : any advice on this subject ?

I'm in my third program in a row and I feel like some day (like today) my body screams "STOP". No pain, just the difficulty that seems to have increased for no apparent reason...

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Rest is indeed necessary. The body needs time to recover and repair. The thing is not to keep doing the same thing every day. For example, if you do a heavy leg workout one day, don't do legs the next, or keep it very light so that those muscles can repair themselves, adapt and grow stronger. But rest doesn't necessarily mean doing nothing. A stretching day could be a rest day, or going for a hike, or simply lowering the usual intensity of your training. If, of course, you are in actual pain (and I don't mean DOMS), then indeed, rest, recover, find out what you have been doing to cause that discomfort and don't do it again!
DAREBEE programmes generally incorporate active rest days, days in which the intensity is lower or there is stretching, but you're still using your body.


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YES, rest is important. I know my training/ fitness isn't going anywhere when I work out my legs one day and have 0 to 2 hours of sleep that night and the next due to work. It doesn't recover, and I can tell the difference if I have 8 or 10 hours of sleep. The necessity of rest is real.

Darebee programs have no total rest days but they switch body part, with low intensity active rest every few days. You come back to the same body part every four days. Therefore, let's say your upperbody, does have rest in a strength program. You are not training your arms every single day, which would be no rest.

You can train more frequently but listen to your body. :) When I start taking more rest or rest days (not on Darebee programs) it actually progresses better.
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